Friday, August 4, 2017

Ryan got his P.E.

Ryan passed his test and got his P.E. (Professional Engineering License)!!!!! Before you can take the test you have to have 5 years of working experience as an engineer. He studied after works for hours, for months to prepare and passed the first time!! We were so proud!

(haha this cake cracked us up when we got it. Apparently I didnt specify enough on the colors to use, I thought Ryan would indicate that he's a boy, but you never know now a days!)

Ryan took his test in April and we werent expecting to find out if he passed til the end of June. In the beginning of June he decided to look online to see if they posted it early and they did. He texted me on a Thurs telling me that he passed!! 
I wanted to do something special and decided to throw him a surprise party 2 days later! It was crazy trying to figure out all the details so quickly and figure out a plan to get Ryan out of the house, and we barely pulled it off. I tried EVERYTHING to get him out of he house but Ryan wouldnt budge. I tried getting him to go golfing with his brother, shooting with Harrison, scouting with Harrison. He kept saying he had too much work to do around the house but he did agree to go out on a date with me. So mom and Dal "watched the boys" while I had about a 30 minute window to get everyone to our house and us back without him noticing.
I had put pork in the crockpot ( I actually had Ryan do it for me that morning because I was busy doing something else haha) that morning and "made-up" that I needed to bring a meal to someone that night. So when we headed out on our date we got about 5 min from home and I said, "Oh crap! I forgot to get the meat. Lets go to QFC to pick up some other things for the meal." Then instead of Ryan cooperating, he wanted to go home first to pick up the meat instead of having to come back but I was persistent to the point of annoying him that we needed to do it my way. Haha so we get to QFC and I still had like 20 min to stall. So Im slowly walking around the store trying to find things to buy and Ryans wanting to hurry up. Thank goodness we ran into some people from our ward and I start talking about whatever I can think of to buy time. Ryans slowly backing away trying to end the conversation after 5-10min haha and Im hanging onto whatever I can. We eventually leave the store and it's been about enough time.

Side note: I had everyone park in the back and we ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT park back there or the whole surprise would be ruined. This is extremely tricky because we NEVER park in the front but I had to somehow get Ryan to park there without it seeming weird.

Ryan usually always drives when were together and naturally gets in the drivers seat after the store. As we're driving home I want him to go this one way so we'd drive right past our front driveway and parking there wouldnt seem as weird, but he insists on going the other way and I kinda lose it. I go off about how this whole weekend he hasnt been listening to me with trying to get him to have fun and celebrate and he comes back with he thinks I've been bossy and pushy. hahaha So we're in this little fight and when he normally would've turned to park in the back I order him to park in the front and HE DOES!!!!! I was like in my head "YES!!!!!" But trying to still kinda act mad but thankful that he listened. So we get out and I can see people in the window and Im trying to push him to the house without noticing and I keep talking to him so he doesnt look too closely. He opens the door and everyone yells SURPRISE! He was so confused and surprised and we actually pulled it off!!!!
It was really fun having friends and family come to celebrate. 
I'm so proud of him and all his hard work and effort he put forward to get his license. He amazes me more and more everyday and I love him so much!

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