Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Kettle

Since moving to Enumclaw, we had heard a lot about The Kettle and their amazing, huge breakfasts. We decided to try it out and thought it was pretty good.

Vince enjoyed his french toast :)

We got a breakfast sandwich and will probably try the hash next time. We hear it will feed like 10 people!

Swimming Lessons

I signed Vince up for his first ever swimming lesson in the end of March. I was excited to tell him and thought he would be too but I was wrong. There were tears and I think it was mostly fear of the unknown. He's 4 and I really felt it was time to start getting him used to the water. He didn't even like getting his hair rinsed in the bathtub and I knew it was time. 
I knew the first day would be rough, and it was. He wouldnt even go in the water but he sat on the side and listened to the teacher. The next lesson he got in the water and made big improvements. He went twice a week for 4 weeks, making a total of 8 lessons and by the end he was a new man!! If I could've given Vince an award it would've been most improved. He went from refusing to get into the pool to doing his back float and front strokes, with the teacher, putting his face in the water and even jumped in the water a few times!!! (not his favorite but he did it)
It was so neat to see him learning and being so brave and conquering his fears! I couldnt be more proud. We've going to practice lots this summer and probably sign him up for more lessons in the fall.

After his last lesson, we got to celebrate and get donuts!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Utah Trip

Back in the middle of March we took a trip down to Coalville, UT to visit Ryan's mom and celebrate her birthday! It was a quick trip leaving Thurs right after work and came back Monday night. The boys did really well for having to drive so much in such a short amount of time. But after driving to and from Wisconsin last summer I feel like we can do anything!

Ryan rigged up a string system to hold the tablet so the boys could watch one of 2 movies we have on it. It was either Cars or Fox and the Hound :)

We had to stop at Culvers in Twin Falls. Culvers was started in Wisconsin and has slowly made it's way out west. Super good burgers, fries and rootbeer!

We got there Friday around dinner time. After eating we went over to the park to run around after being cooped up in the car all day. It was fun seeing Laurie and Evan, Jenna was at a softball tournament so we didnt get to see her til Saturday night.

We made the most out of our time in Utah and had THE BEST WEATHER!!! Oh man it was sunny and 70s and we hadnt felt anything relatively close to that for way too long. I felt like my skin was turning green from all the rain we were getting in Washington. So this trip and the weather I felt was heaven sent!
We pretty much spent all day down in SLC. We went to the planetarium first which was this free kids museum with a lot of space/science things. It was awesome!

Vince had so much fun with uncle Evan and wanted to do everything Evan did :)

I dont have any pictures but during lunchtime we went to a big park in South Jordan for the boys to play at. After we went back to SLC and visited the Church History Museum which was really neat. 
I LOVE Temple Square. So many amazing things to see and of coarse the glorious SLC temple right in the middle.

After that we went to Tuscanos for dinner to celebrate Lauries bday. Of coarse, the food was amazing and we were all stuffed to the brim

Sunday we went to church then back down to SLC to tour around temple square some more. Again we had beautiful weather and got to take in all the beauty.

It was so neat to be able to bring our boys here and show them the Christus and all the beautiful painting and the feeling of the Spirit. Such a wonderful place!

We came back home and had some family friends over for dinner. It was so good to see Brett and Janny Richins! After dinner we went on a hike to pretty much the highest point in Coalville, It was fun to climb up and get a good view of the town. We even saw some deer!

Playing some games with grandma and aunt Jenna before leaving the next day

We had a good visit and it was fun seeing the family!

Stopped at the Boise temple on the way back

Last stop before home!!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Big Haircut

I cut off close to 10 inches of hair about a month ago! It's been fun to have a change and I really like it.

Family Date Night

We started doing a family date night a few months ago and it's been really fun for everyone.  Ryan and I try to do a date night every other week and then the opposite one we do a family date. Sometimes it's popcorn and a Disney movie at home and sometimes it's McDonalds ice cream!
 I love my family!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Christmas Tree Skirt

I love to sew but I'll go through waves. I bought this fabric on black Friday and finished it in January. haha But I was really excited because the first one I made was during our first Christmas and we definitely needed a new one. It turned out very bright and cheery but that's my personality and I love it!

Eagle Forest

I love going on walks. Back behind our house is a bunch of farms and thats usually the way we'll go on our walks because we live on a busy road and there's no shoulder to walk on. About a mile and a half away there's this grove of trees that we named eagle forest. Back in January or February we would go and there would be 10-15 bald eagles and other eagles in this grove of trees!! It was so cool! I had never seen so many eagles so close together. The odd thing was that it only lasted for about a month then a lot of them left. We'll still walk over there but maybe only see 1 or 2 and they usually arent the bald eagles.