Sunday, February 12, 2017

Vince's Birthday

Happy Birthday Mr Vince!
Vince turned 4 on Jan 2nd. I can really see the transition of him being a big boy now and not being a baby anymore. He's so smart and observant. He's like a sponge and just soaks everything up. He is so sweet and kind and a wonderful big brother. Jake and him are best friends and spend pretty much every min or everyday together. I dont know what it's going to be like when Vince starts preschool in the fall. He's a happy go lucky boy who like to have fun and be silly but sensitive and calm as well. He loves his sunbeam class at church and learning lots of his Primary songs. He loves to sing and dance, bounce on the trampoline, work in the garage with dad, play with his tools, go to the park and the indoor gymnastics (basically heaven for kids where there's trampolines to jump on, foam pits, lots of fun equipment to run around a play on). He loves to read, play the game memory, his favorite TV show is Wild Kratts and he's a great eater. He loves fruits and vegetables and not very picky. Vince is such an amazing boy and I feel honored to be his mother! 

This is the last night everyone was together on New Years Day. It was so great having so much family together!

I made "Wild Kratt" colored cupcakes for his bday while everyone was here so we could all celebrate.

Vince and Jake got matching outfits for Christmas from grandma Kelle! I love this picture of them

Ryan made Vince a soccer goal for his bday so we had to go test in out right away.

For Vince's big day we went bowling as a family and then went to Red Robin for dinner. We all had a blast! It's so fun that the boys are getting older and can do more and more activities.

Craziness of going to a restaurant, hence it's a rare occasion to bring the boys! haha

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